People Buy You

September 15, 2023

"People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision." — John Maxwell

Have you ever been part of a project or initiative where the big picture seemed compelling on paper, but something felt lacking? Often, the missing link is a strong and trusting connection with the leader who is in charge of that vision. Maxwell's quote reminds us that people are more likely to invest their time, energy, and effort into a shared vision when they have faith in the leader guiding the way. In New England, there was a fishing crew led by Captain Grace. She envisioned taking her crew on an ambitious expedition to a new fishing ground. She explained the vision clearly, highlighting the potential rewards for the crew. However, what truly set Captain Grace apart was that she took the time to get to know each crew member personally, listened to their concerns, and provided support when needed. She showed empathy, encouraged open communication, and led by example in her work ethic and dedication. As a result, the crew not only believed in the vision but also had unwavering trust in Captain Grace. They knew that she had their best interests at heart and would do everything in her power to lead them to success. This personal connection between the leader and the team was the driving force behind their commitment to the shared vision. So, how can we apply Maxwell's wisdom to our own leadership? Here are some key takeaways: Build Relationships: Invest time in building genuine relationships with your team members. Show interest in their well-being and aspirations. Communicate Clearly: Clearly articulate your vision but also listen actively to your team's thoughts, concerns, and ideas. Lead by Example: Demonstrate the values and work ethic you expect from your team. Your actions should align with your words. Empower and Support: Provide the necessary resources, training, and support to help your team members succeed in realizing the shared vision. Be Authentic: Authenticity builds trust. Be true to yourself, and let your team see the real you. In the world of leadership, it's not just about the vision; it's about the person behind the vision. People are more inclined to follow a leader they trust, respect, and connect with on a personal level. As John Maxwell wisely puts it, "People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision." When you focus on building strong personal connections, you become a catalyst for your team's commitment and collective success.

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